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Digital Currency is Already Here!

Many people shy away from digital currency, cryptocurrency etc as they believe it's just another investment fad and get rich quick scheme, but if that's your thinking, you couldn't be any further from the truth. 

Digital Currency is here to stay, and it's use opens up another layer of choice and protection from a potential crash of Fiat Currency systems around the world. One only has to analyse recent and past history to figure things out - the writing is quite literally already on the wall. 

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The K1 Impulse Phone Is Live!

Privacy is the NEW Order

Welcome to Voice Over Blockchain Technology (VOBc).


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Fed Up of Seeing More Month Left Than Money ?

Lack of disposable income and increased bills go further than just poor money management. Due to the lack of financial education in general, including schools and educational establishments, one could argue there is a system of control to keep the majority in debt and live literally from hand to mouth. It doesn't have to be that way! With education and a plan of action, your financial future (and your family's financial future) can change for the better

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An educational established focused on opening the financial eyes of anyone who wants to learn the truth about money and finances. 

The Education provided is considered disruptive and cutting edge mainly because none of the content is taught in schools or establishments and further more, the majority of people consider this knowledge as specialist and complicated when it's far from that at all.  

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